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                                                              (We Dare To Defend Our Rights)                                                                  

New York City Branch                 Albany NY Branch 
                                                 646-502-5855                                518-328-7143
                                            Fax : 646-502-5856                    Legislative Branch





Pictures and Videos

PBA Vice President P.O. Ron Ramos and
NYPD Chief Secreto

NYPD Chief of Dept. Chief Banks and
PBA Director of Health and Safty
Kelmy Rodriguez at
the 2013 Puerto Rican Day Parade.

NYCHPD PBA united with other
Law Enforcement unions
 and attend a Press conference.

from L-R: NYC HPD PBA VP Victor Ashe, NYPD PBA President Patrick Lynch,
 NYC HPD PBA Pres. Clark Pena, NYC HPD PBA Bklyn Delegate Darnell Green,
 NYC HPD PBA VP and Bronx Delegate Tony Rosario

All NYC Law Enforcement PBA's converge at the Police Memorial Wall
for a Press Conference.
NYPD PBA, SBA, LBA, Capt Association NYPD and Corrections,
Bridge & Tunnel PBA, Port Authority PBA, LEEBA, HPD PBA, MTA Police PBA,

Kenneth Wynder, President LEEBA, Patrick Lynch President NYPD PBA,
 Clark Pena, President NYC HHC PBA

From L-R: Corrections Captain Association Legislative Director J Ferramosca,
HPDPBA Pres. Clark Pena, Bridge & Tunnel PBA Pres Wayne Joseph LEEBA Pres. Kenneth Wynder HPD PBA VP Sgt Victor Ashe

WE are out here for you ! WE are working for you !


   Clark Pena seen here with Uniformed EMTs,
   Paramedics and Fire Inspectors FDNY Local 2507
   President Israel Miranda and
    Executive Board Member Ellis Olive


 NYC HPD PBA seen here with NYS Senator Parker  

 HPD PBA  President Clark Pena seen here
with Bobby Duclet COBA Delegate/Trustee and partner

Attends the 6th Annual
FOP 8,
Softball Tournament
in Schenectady NY







We visited with PO James and his wife today at Jacobi Command.
We wish PO Green a speedy recovery as well.
Both Officers were injured while affecting an arrest today.
PO Green was treated an released, PO James has been admitted.
We thank all Supervisors for extending us the courtesy.

P.B.A. - V.P. Ramos visits his friend
Sgt. Foti (Court Officer) at the
Schenectady N.Y. Criminal Court

PBA President Clark Pena , NYC Comptroller (Mayoral Candid. ) John Lui
and NYPD Chief Banks

PBA attends
Police Memorial
Albany NY



            Political Pictures


        The 2013 Police Memorial in Albany NY

            Albany Police Chief & V.P. Ron Ramos    DEA President,Chief Gomez & V.P. Ron Ramos

NYS Police PBA President T. Mungeer           Police Chief Amsterdam NY &
                                                                 VP Ron Ramos

       N.Y.P.D. P.B.A. President Patrick Lynch          P.B.A. VP Ron Ramos & N.Y.S. Police
                             &   V.P. Ron Ramos                                     Superintendent Joseph D'Amico


                                               PBA President Clark Pena    &   V.P. Ronald Ramos

        PBA President Clark Pena                              NYPD Deputy Reznick, PBA VP Ron Ramos
         Ti Wa Chang news Reporter

  Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon           Dr. Lenora Fulani & PBA President Clark Pena
        Sliver PBA VP Ron Ramos

         Schenectady PD Chief Geraci                      PBA President Clark Pena & Assembly
                     VP Ron Ramos                                                   Member Denny Farrell

           Assembly Member Guillermo Linares         N.Y.S.  LT. Governor R Duffy & P.B.A.
                 & PBA President Clark Pena                                 VP Ronald Ramos

         NYPD President Patrick Lynch &  P.B.A.              PBA President Clark Pena &  Mayoral
                         VP Ronald Ramos                                         candidate William Dickens

              PBA President Clark Pena &                N.Y.S. Police PBA President Tom Mungeer
           Secretary os State Hillary Clinton                         and PBA VP Ron Ramos

       Inspector Graf, Chief M. Scagnelli & PBA            PBA President Clark Pena & N.Y.P.D .
                        VP Ronald Ramos                                           Police Comm. Ray Kelly

      PBA VP Ron Ramos & N.Y.S.P. Director of              Council Member Inez Dickens &
                   Personnel  Lt. N Jenning                                    PBA President Clark Pena

       PBA President Clark Pena & N.Y.P.D.              Albany PD Police Chief & PBA Vice
                      O.C.C.B. Chief                                               President Ronald Ramos

      NYC School Chancellor Dennis Walcott     Commander Lenny DePaul Fugitive Task
      PBA President Clark Pena                                  Force ( A&E TV Show MANHUNTER)
                                                                                              PBA  V.P. Ronald Ramos

     Radio Host Curtis Sliwa and PBA President     PBA V.P. Ronald Ramos & Albany Mayor
                              Clark Pena                                                       Jerry Jennings

      Nassau County Sheriff Michael Sposato       Albany NY, District Attorney David
      PBA President Clark Pena                               Sores and PBA  V.P. Ronald Ramos



After 2 years and 2 weeks PO Mark Lamb vindicated !



Poster designed and used at rally.

Active and retired
members of the service(MOS) at rally.


PBA President Clark Pena goes to visit an MOS in the hospital.

PBA President Speaks to the press

PBA rallies at local 237

Picture from left Detectives Edwin Gomez, Victor M. Diaz and Adrian Melendez
Metropolitan Hospital Command Detectives Bust a Theft Ring

The Community Advisory Board honored these members of service for a job well done. CONGRATULATIONS!

HPOs attend the renaming of a street

in honor of an MOS from NYPD



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